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Taglit-Birthright Israel Remembering our past and experiencing the present in Jerusalem by Leah Josephson May 26, On Friday we went to Har Herzl, the national cemetery of Israel commemorating national military heroes. This was an emotional experience for the group, especially after hearing stories from Gadi, our trip guide. From there we walked to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust memorial and museum. Here we took a guided tour of the museum, which focused on the perseverance and positivity of European Jews in the Holocaust rather than facts and figures. The tour helped the group understand the Holocaust from a unique perspective. Benji, the museum guide, told us to remember one name of a victim, but only a few members of the group were successful in doing so. The purpose of this exercise was to emphasize the personal stories of the victims rather than the statistics. After lunch we visited the Jerusalem market shuk and had several hours to explore the various stores and what the market had to offer. In the evening, we went to the hotel to welcome Shabbat with a candle lighting service. In the morning we went to the Israel Museum, which showcases the lifestyles of Jews in history around the world.

My Experience Leading My Peers On A Taglit-Birthright Israel Trip

Random musings of a journalist, father, husband, poodle-owner, Red Sox fan and self-proclaimed mensch, taken from essays, columns, sermons and thin air. It is an anniversary worth celebrating, because nothing has changed the landscape of Jewish peoplehood over the past decade more than these free day trips to Israel. Birthright alums are much more connected to Israel than their counterparts, much more connected to the Jewish community and about twice as likely to marry other Jews and have Jewish children.

But each of them came back so Jewishly charged that they signed up for Jdate, and, when they met, Birthright was that common emotional experience that propelled their relationship forward. Even though they were back on American soil, Jerusalem had captured their hearts. But whatever Kool Aid the Birthrighters are drinking, they come home and rave to about it to their friends and parents, the waiting lists keep getting longer and the kids just keep on coming.

“Everybody feels good about it,” J.J. Goldberg, then–editor in chief of the Jewish Forward, said in , summing up the warm Birthright consensus within the American Jewish community.

But somehow, the Taglit-Birthright Israel program has managed to change the dynamics of many communities, in a matter of just one short decade. The success of the program was celebrated, and the efforts of those who have made Taglit what it is — the government of Israel, UJA Federation of Greater Toronto, and private donors – were honored this past Thursday at the Birthright Mega Event T.

Following the proceedings, Sokolsky helped Bronfman honor the top 50 Birthright Israel young —adult volunteers in the Toronto Jewish Community. We gave the gift and it just took off. Amir Gissin said that the mind blowing success of the program, which has generated a tremendous amount of devotion and love for Israel, made him especially proud to represent Israel at the Mega Event. This is an area which was always in consensus for all parties for its importance to develop and build the Israel-Diaspora relationship.

There are a number of scientific innovation programs that are being undertaken by both Canada and Israel. From the Toronto Jewish community alone, approximately 15, have taken part and over of them attended the Mega Event at the Warehouse in Downsview Park. Michael Glina, who went on Birthright Israel once as participant and twice as an instructor, said that he feels his experiences have shaped his future.

Mitch Reiss, who has been back to Israel three times since his Birthright Israel trip three years ago and will soon be returning again, shared the same sentiment. The whole trip is ten days and yet it lasts and lasts and lasts.

A (Jaded) Introduction to Yale Divinity School

The sight of thousands of slim, silvery fish wiggling desperately out of the surf and struggling to spawn before the next wave crashed upon them made me think, of course, of those birthright Israel trips. The program offers free day tours of Israel for Jewish young adults, 18 to This year, the organization received nearly 32, applications — also a record high. Part of the success is undoubtedly the attraction of all-expense-paid foreign travel.

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Aside from the social benefits, being part of AEPi has helped me to enrich my Jewish identity through educational, inspiring, and meaningful interaction with fraternity members that come from a wide variety of Jewish backgrounds. My experience in a Jewish fraternity has definitely helped me find my place at the University of Maryland, College Park ; home to one of the most vibrant Hillels in North America.

I have spent time in Israel on a number of different programs including my high school trip to Israel guided by the Alexander Muss High School, Alternative Break, and trips with my family. For the past year I have wanted to lead a Taglit-Birthright Israel trip. I wanted to be with students who had never been to Israel so I could help them to explore their own Jewish identities. Immediately, the students were able to better relate to me, and I was able to answer a lot of their questions.

And, I challenged them with questions that they would need to answer themselves. It was a great experience getting to journey through Israel with them and see and learn what they discovered about themselves along the way. When asked about how the trip went, I usually tell a story about the interaction between Israelis and Americans; between soldiers and students. A group of Israeli soldiers spent a mere four days with us, but made meaningful connections with the students during their stay.

The day the group left, many of the students began to cry. It was such a powerful moment because it was a testament to the strong connections made between the soldiers and the Americans, most of whom had only a small connection to Judaism prior to the trip.

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The three other finalists were all women and included a religious Jew, and an Ethiopian. Jews living in Judea and Samaria had surplus bread that they needed to dispose of prior to the Passover holiday. Rather than burn it, they distributed them to needy Palestinian Arabs. It was the 3rd consecutive year that members of the Eretz Shalom movement sent this message of peace to their neighbors.

The hospital will treat injured Syrians near the border fence to avoid having to send serious cases on long journeys to hospitals inside Israel. Together with her father, they started Aviva Productions and Mind Theatre.

Taglit Birthright Israel recognizes that it may be difficult for some applicants to apply for the trip themselves. However, this application process involves accepting an “electronic waiver” which lawfully and honorably binds the applicant to the terms and conditions of the waiver.

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For over 50 years, Birthright has been helping women with unplanned pregnancies. Birthright relies on the dedication, time and talents of volunteers. We welcome any and all individuals who share our philosophy and commitment to offer loving, confidential, nonjudgmental support to those who are pregnant or think they may be pregnant.

The rest were set up for however many more days of drinking, hanky panky, and the gorgeous landscape of the country all while surrounded by people who understand you, who want you there. Or at.

Almost every Taiwanese-American I know has heard or gone on this program which goes to show how small and connected the Taiwanese-American community is in the United States. It is designed to expose young people with Taiwanese roots like Mr. Mei to the motherland through courses in Mandarin, sightseeing and traditional arts. Mei, who was born in Dallas and attends the University of Texas there. But in all honestly, I do think most do attend to make the most of their summer learning, having fun and making new friends not necessarily new girlfriends or boyfriends, let alone future husbands and wives.

I believe the program is open to all Chinese and Taiwanese Americans and Canadians. Often times, Taiwanese and Chinese parents apply for their kids without their kids knowing. There was only one occasion that both campuses would meet up and have sort of an Olympic games against each other. Group A was for mostly recent high school graduates and those completing their freshman or sophomore year.

Group B was for juniors and seniors in college, and Group C was mostly for those who recently graduated from college. Each group, if I recall correctly, had girls and boys.

How To: Go on Birthright Like a Betch

During its latest registration period in September, Taglit-Birthright Israel received 23, eligible applications for 9, places on its winter trips, which will take place between December this year and March Registration closed after just seven days in order to avoid disappointing thousands of further potential applicants. This number of applications compares to 21, applicants at the same time last winter, when registration closed early after 10 days, due to the high demand.

These figures follow the most successful year to date for Taglit-Birthright Israel – the most successful Jewish and Zionist educational project in the world — which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. Last summer, Taglit-Birthright Israel doubled the number of participants compared to summer , but owing to unprecedented demand, thousands are still left on waiting lists.

Forgot your password? Enter the email you used when submitting your application Email.

The opinions, facts and any media content in them are presented solely by the authors, and neither The Times of Israel nor its partners assume any responsibility for them. Please contact us in case of abuse. In case of abuse, Report this post. You have been offered an all expenses paid trip to Israel, no catch, completely free. They connected with the Israeli government Dr. Their aim was — and remains — for Jewish young adults to experience the places and activities that represent the stories and people of the past and present.

During their trip, participants, most of whom are visiting Israel for the first time, are encouraged to discover new meaning in their personal Jewish identity and connection to Jewish history and culture. Top educators, historians and tourism professionals were assigned the task of planning the ten day program and they definitely filled it to the brim. There is a lot to see in Israel and not a minute is wasted; sleeping can be done on the bus while traveling between destinations!

Since Taglit-Birthright Israel trips began in the winter of , more than , young people from 64 countries have participated in the program. Want to learn more about the trip? After completing school she left Australia to travel, starting in the US as a camp counsellor. She visited her brother who was volunteering on Kibbutz Tzeelim and fell in love with Israel.


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